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26A Redwing Lathe

The perfect solution for hearing aid repair and modification, the Model 26A Redwing Lathe has become the standard for small and large repair labs, as well as the hearing health office. The 2-speed Model 26A Redwing Lathe & optional  RW Mod Tool Kit (see below) includes everything needed to effectively perform any type of hearing aid repair or modification and is included in our complete workstation packages. The 26A Redwing Lathe is also a must-have addition to our Workstation Kits. 

Options Include:

RW Mod Tool Kit a 30 piece kit consisting of assorted bits, burrs, polishing wheels and more. Perfect for accomplishing any type of hearing aid repair and modification.
Model 16 Quick Chuck Changer which allows tool changes without stopping the motor - a great convenience and time saver.
AcceleRotor which increases spindle speed from 1750/3400 RPM to 12,000/24,000 RPM and includes the Quick Chuck Changer and lighting. The increased spindle speed makes the Model 26A an excellent polishing tool, and a superb method of grinding the faceplate from the shell.

26A Accessories:
Accessories - Tapered spindles, chucks & arbors to make your Red Wing more productive.
Splash Hoods - Shrouds the spindle to keep dust and debris under control.
Dust Collectors - From bench-top to under-bench collection systems



26A Redwing Lathe for hearing aid modification and repair - Click Here for Pricing