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Battery Drain Meters for Hearing Aids

Whether you are a hearing health provider in the office, or a hearing aid specialist working in a lab, battery drain is an important factor for you. The amount of electronic current a hearing aid circuit is drawing can tell you a lot about whether an instrument is working properly. Many times, units are evaluated in a matter of seconds by simply reading the battery drain. You can use a drain meter to simply power an instrument, so next time you need to listen to a hearing aid, why not plug it in to your drain meter and note the amount of current the hearing aid is drawing? After awhile, you will become experienced in using this measurement to confirm and diagnose problems.

 Lightning Enterprises manufactures two models of digital hearing aid battery drain meters. BDM-1 is a basic unit that measures and displays battery drain only, and BDM-2 which measures and displays battery drain plus DC voltage. Both units measure just 4 3/8" x 3 1/8" x 1 7/8", weigh about 1 lb, and are designed to sit on the bench-top.


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