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TransCure-P UV LED Spot Cure Unit


TransCure-P UV LED Spot Cure System><br>
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TransCure-P UV
Spot Cure Unit

TransCure-P UV LED Spot Cure Unit

Limington, ME  -
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, ME announces the availability of the TransCure-P, a UV spot cure system driven by LED technology. The TransCure-P
is a lightweight and portable UV LED system capable of rapid curing of UV materials and adhesives. Easy to use, the TransCure-P incorporates photocell technology. Simply lifting the handpiece turns the unit ON. The TransCure-P Standard model also includes a high intensity illumination handpiece for inspection or faceplate planning.

TransCure-P is powered by a rechargeable battery which is housed within the handpiece console and is designed for days of continuous use. This
makes the TransCure-P conveniently portable. A warning lamp blinks when recharging is necessary. The unit can also be plugged in permanently for continuous use.

UV LED technology makes the TransCure-P an economical and safe system, as well as efficient. Traditional spot cure guns emit a much wider light spectrum than the required UV wavelength. Filters are used to block out the unwanted light which means high powered halogen lamps are needed to compensate for the lost power.
UV LEDS emit just the wavelength needed which means cure times are faster, and the unit is much safer to use.


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