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UV Cure System

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BONDWand UV Cure System The BONDWand UV Cure Unit provides controlled UV energy for curing applications. The Long-wave UVA portion of the spectrum is most effective and safe in the rapid curing of UV activated materials,  making this model an excellent choice for hearing aid repair and maintenance.
The BONDWand housing is sturdy, lightweight, compact, and contoured - permitting perfect balance and ease of use. Designed with the operator in mind, its integral UV protective shields allow unobstructed viewing. Through use of  the provided swivel table mount, the BONDWand easily adapts to virtually any bench-top application.
BONDWand also includes an exposure timer with one, two and three minute intervals, as well as continuous mode.
Also available in 450nm Visible Light.


Powerful UV lamps
Power Requirements: 120V AC 50/60Hz
Comfortable Design
Input Power: 12 watts
Unobstructed viewing
Output Power: 20mw/cm2 @ 365nm
Swivel base
Dimensions: 2 1/2"x12 7/8"x1 5/8"
Exposure Timer
Weight: 1lb 8oz

Line Cord Length: 76"