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Control Module for Hearing Aid Workstations
Controls vacuum pump, desiccator chamber, and UV Cure Unit!

CM-3 Control ModuleDeveloped for the hearing aid industry to be used with hearing aid workstations and repair labs, our CM-3 Control Module is designed to control the functions of a vacuum pump / suction system, desiccator chamber, and UV Cure Light from a remote location. This allows the user to place the vacuum pump system somewhere out of the way such as under the work bench, and to place the desiccator and UV cure unit in any convenient location to create a more efficient work area. The CM-3 includes vacuum ON/OFF function, vacuum ON indicator, vacuum gauge, switch between vacuum and desiccator functions, UV ON/OFF functions, UV ON Indicator, and UV adjustable timer function. The CM-3 can be used with any vacuum/suction system and dual lamp UV cure light designed for the hearing aid industry. The CM-3 may be placed on a bench or mounted under a shelf with an optional Top-Mount Bracket.

CM-3 Price: $225.00 ea
MB-2 Top-Mount Bracket:$11.00 ea
For under-shelf mounting
Add a VAC-1B, VAC-1D, & UV9W-2 with all the tubings and accessories:$584.00 ea
(Add these items to make a  WK-3  Workstation Kit)

- Vacuum Pump ON/OFF Function Length: 6.25"
- Vacuum ON Indicator Width:  8"
- Vacuum Gauge Height: 2.5"
- Switch between wand and desiccator Weight: 3.5 lbs.
- UV Light Timer:  5 sec-10 min Power Requirements 115 VAC   60 Hz
- UV ON/OFF Function Color: Bone or Black
- UV ON Indicator Material: ABS Plastic
- Optional Top-Mount Bracket

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