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Control Modules
For Hearing Aid Workstations and Repair Labs

One problem facing the professional who wants to organize their hearing aid workstation is placing equipment in a location where it can be out of the way when not needed,  and still be accessible when it is.  Our Control Modules allow the user to install equipment anywhere they wish and still maintain full functional control from a convenient location. Place the vacuum pump or suction system under the bench or the desiccator chamber in a drawer and use the Control Module to operate everything. Our Control Modules will work with any industry vacuum pump system or dual UV cure light. 

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CM-1 Control Module
CM-1 Control Module
The CM-1 Control Module is designed for controlling the functions of a suction system. It controls On/OFF functions and includes an ON Indicator and vacuum gauge to check proper vacuum operation. Great for installing your vacuum pump under the workbench.


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CM-2 Control Module
CM-2 Control Module
The CM-2 Control Module controls the functions of a suction or vacuum pump system and desiccator chamber for drying hearing aids. It includes ON/OFF, ON Indicator, vacuum gauge, and a switch for suction system or desiccator operation.


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CM-3 Control Module
CM-3 Control Module
The CM-3 Control Module has the ability to control a suction system, desiccator chamber, and UV Cure Unit. It includes all the functions of the CM-2 plus UV ON/OFF, UV ON Indicator, and UV Timer. We include this unit on several high-end workstations designed for hearing aid repair.


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