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Designed specifically for fast and efficient hearing aid repair and modification, our Dual-Lite UV Curing Unit uses all the same dependable components as its "Big Brother" UV9W-2 Stainless Steel Unit, except in an economical plastic casing. The Dual-Lite utilizes interior mirrors which can be cleaned or replaced for maximum light reflectivity.


- Mirror finish interior for maximum light reflectivity
- Mirror Base: Replaceable bottom to keep unit operating at maximum efficiency
- Economical plastic casing
- Open lamp design provides excellent versatility when introducing units for cure
- Units cure in seconds
- Units cured using UV technology require very little buffing
- 3 month warranty

Length: 7.625" Dual-Lite   115 V  60 Hz
Width:  4.25"
Height: 3.25"  
Weight: 1.75 lbs.
Lamps: (2) 9w  
Light Wavelength: 365 nm
Light Intensity 25mw/cm2  


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