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M-100 Video Otoscope
Portable Design - High Resolution

M-100 Video OtoscopeFinally, a Video Otoscope full of features at an affordable price!

With its portable design, the M-100 Video Otoscope sports a high resolution Sony™ camera for clean crisp images, as well as a Welch Allyn Specula adaptor. Includes a durable carrying case and a 1 year warranty. Compare with otoscopes that cost over twice as much. M-100 connects to your TV with supplied RCA cable, or to your computer using a standard USB cable and TV-USB software (not included).

NOTE: For more information on connecting to your computer, see the bottom of this page.


Check out the clarity of the M-100 and you'll see why this is the hottest selling video otoscope:



- 25cm flexible cable between the mini lens and the slim camera board.
- Illumination: 0.2 Lux / F1.2
- NTSC-380k, PAL-410k resolution:
- 470 TV Lines Board - 29x29x7mm
- Fixed Focus
- Magnification: 752 x 582 Pixels
- Power Source: 120V 60 Hz for the camera;
                         3 AAA batteries for the LED light source
- Connects to TV - RCA cable included
- Capable of Connecting to your computer using USB cable
                        and software (not included)
- 1 Year warranty parts & labor

- Fits Welch Allen 4.2 Specula
          (a few are included)




M-100 Video Otoscope

Introductory Price!   $1995.00    $2495.00  
Compare at over $4000.00   


$2495.00        $1995.00 ea Qty:


About connecting the M-100 Video Otoscope to your computer:
To connect the M-100 to your computer for live viewing you will need a device and software that will interface with the camera. A couple of devices that will work are:
Cute Box 2.0 USB
Hauppauge USB Live

Please Read:
Although interfacing to your computer will work, you will loose some resolution and the picture will be smaller, approximately 4" x 4". Using a TV gives a nice crisp picture in comparison and you will likely be much happier with performance, however using a computer can give added benefits, such as saving and printing images.


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