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Model 16 Quick Chuck Changer
and Model 16B Redwing Lathe

The Model 16 Chuck/Changer is designed to provide full automatic, precision changing of 1/4" and 3/32" diameter burs, mandrels and chuck accessories with the slight movement of a handle while the motor is still turning. The Chuck/Changer provides the technician with exacting concentricity and quick, easy changing of various chucks which greatly speeds grinding, polishing and finishing procedures. The unit is also adaptable to most other polishers and grinders.

Shown is the Redwing lathe Model 16B, which is really a Model 26A Redwing Lathe with Model 16 Quick Chuck Changer installed.

Shipped with following chuck accessories:
(1) P16-15, Arbor Band Chuck.
(1) P16-16, Spiral Tapered Chuck.
(1) P16-19, Stone Chucks.
(1) P16-20, Mandrel for small abrasive wheels.
(1) P16-8, Collet Wrench.
(1) P16-10, Clutch. (1) 16-ADW, Adapter.

Model 16B Redwing lathe, as shown with Model 16 Quick Chuck Changer installed.
  Installed on RIGHT side only  

$688.00 ea Qty:


Model 16 Quick Chuck Changer only - for installation on an existing lathe.

For RIGHT side only


$375.00 ea Qty:

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