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New Products

We continually work on new products and new ideas for the Hearing Aid Industry. We dedicate this page to products we have recently released and for products that will be available soon. Many of our project ideas come from industry professionals who wish they had a tool or piece of equipment for a specific purpose. If you have an idea to fulfill a need please Contact Us. We give all submissions careful consideration and appreciate the time taken to improve our industry.

Recently Released Products:
Product: Description: Release Date:
VAC-3 Hearing Aid Vacuunm Pump System July 2014
M-100 Video Otoscope Oct 2007
TAM-25 Audiometer Oct 2007
LED-200 Mega-High Power UV LED Gun Oct 2007
LED-100 Super-High Power UV LED Cure Gun Sep 2006
SpotCure-B6 Ultra-High Power UV LED spot cure unit Mar 2006
Spotty UV LED spot cure system Oct 2005
SpotCure-H High powered UV Spot Cure System Jun 2005
JB500 / JB300 Hi Pro programming cable organizers May 2005
BDM-2 Battery Drain & DV Volt Meter Sep 2004
BDM-1 Battery Drain Meter Aug 2004
ELC-410 UV Spot Cure Unit Apr 2004
Lighting Vac 2 Vacuum Pump w/blower Apr 2004
TransCure-C Cordless LED spot cure system Apr 2004
My Vac Personal Hearing Aid Cleaner Feb 2004
TransCure-P UV LED spot cure system Nov 2003
Lightning Vac Traveler
Portable vacuum pump system
Feb 2003
Lightning Vac
Vacuum / Suction System
Dec 2002
UV Turning Unit
Aug 2002
Quiet-1 Listening & Evaluation Chamber Mar 2002
WK-x Workstation Kits Jan 2002
Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit Dec. 2001
BP-1 Battery Pill / Substitution Device Oct. 2001
Lite-Vac 15 Suction / Maintenance System Aug. 2001


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