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For Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance Equipment

We specialize in developing and manufacturing equipment and products specifically designed for hearing aid maintenance and repair. To provide a better understanding of our objectives as a company and the current products we offer we have put together a brief description of each product line. For more information about each product, click on the product title link.
Brief Description:
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UV Cure Products:  
  UV Cure Equipment:  
      UV9W-2 Stainless steel, 2 lamp cure unit
      Dual-Lite 2 lamp cure unit, plastic case
      Lite-Isserie UV turning unit
      BONDWand Hand-held UV Cure Unit
      ELC-500 UV cure chamber
      ELC-410 UV / Visible spot cure unit
      SpotCure-H Halogen UV/ Visible spot cure gun
      SpotCure-B Ultra-High Power UV LED spot cure system
      Spotty UV LED Spot Cure Unit
   UV Protective Eyewear Protective UV safety glasses
   UV Cure Materials UV curable materials & adhesives
Vacuum Pump/
Suction Systems:
   VAC-1: Professional Vacuum Pump / Suction System
      - VAC-1D VAC-1 Desiccator Option
      - VAC-1DM VAC-1 Mini-Desiccator Option
      - VAC-1A VAC-1 Aspirator Option
      - VAC-1C VAC-1 Compressor Option
   VAC-1B Vacuum Pump for use with kits or Control Modules
   My Vac Consumer hearing aid cleaner
   Lightning Vac 2 Suction system
   Lightning Vac Traveler Portable vacuum pump system
   Vacuum pump accessories Parts & accessories for vacuum pump systems
Model 26A Redwing Lathe Lathe unit for grinding and polishing
    Lathe accessories Accessories for 26A Redwing lathe
   Audio Repair Workstation Repair workstation, flip-up sides, dust collector
   versabench Repair workstation, efficient design, color choices
Workstation Kits:  
   WK-1 Control Module, vacuum pump
   WK-2 Control Module, vacuum pump, desiccator
   WK-3 Control Module, vacuum pump, desiccator, UV Cure
Control Modules:  
   CM-1 Controls vacuum pump
   CM-2 Controls vacuum pump, desiccator
   CM-3 Controls vacuum pump, desiccator, UV Cure Unit
Battery Drain Meters
   BDM-1 Battery Drain Meter, digital, measures drain only
   BDM-2 Battery Drain Meter, digital, measures drain & DC voltage
BP-1 Battery Pill Battery substitute for test systems/drain meters.
Quiet-One Listening and evaluation chamber

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