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Scratch & Dent - Factory 2nds

Occasionally, we have factory 2nds in stock which may be purchased directly from us at a substantial discount. These are perfectly fine new units that may have a slight cosmetic blemish or two. These units are issued with the same warranty as a Class A unit and are a great bargain. Factory 2nds are available on a first come, first served basis. Please Contact Us for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Are Factory 2nds the same as repaired or reconditioned units?
No. Factory 2nds are brand new units which have a slight cosmetic imperfection or scratches.

Why do you sell the products as 2nds. Can't you fix them?
We could fix almost every cosmetic defect, however due to time involved it is more efficient for us to set these units aside and give someone a great deal on them.

How noticeable are the defects? Are these products all banged up and dented?
Not at all. Most defects are very small scratches and are barely noticeable. However they can be seen if you are looking for them so we don't sell them through our distributors.

How do these units become 2nds?
Most defects occur during the shipping process from our vendors. Others come during the manufacturing process. After the units are built, they are cleaned and thoroughly inspected which is usually when the defects are spotted. If the defect can't be easily repaired we set it aside and sell it as a 2nd.