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Hearing Aid Listening & Evaluation Chamber

QuietOne Listening Chamber is designed for subjective evaluation of hearing instruments in a quiet environment. It will attenuate surrounding sound and noise by 35 dB and is a great tool for detecting feedback and excessive circuit noise in quiet settings. With today's compression and digital circuits, this is a necessary and useful tool as many of these circuits amplify more in quiet settings, therefore dramatically increasing the occurrence of feedback and circuit noise. This bench-top system will enable the user to attach a hearing aid inside a sound-proof chamber while listening from the outside using any common stethoscope device. The QuietOne will be useful to those who manufacture hearing aids as it will enable the user to quickly and easily detect problems before the unit is actually tested, thereby saving time. The QuietOne will also be a useful tool in the clinic, heading off any problems before patient fitting. Standard color for QuietOne is white, however any color available in laminate is achievable. Options for coupling the hearing aid include cup style, probe style or both cup and probe styles.




Features: Specifications:
- Fast and easy to use - Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 8"
- Attenuates surrounding sound 35 dB - Attenuation: 35 dB
- Small footprint - great for bench-top use - Material: Wood laminate
- Accepts all common stethoscopes - Standard Color: White
- Custom color option