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Ultra-High Power LED Spot Cure System
cures deeper and stays cooler than halogen guns

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SpotCure-B6 UV
Ultra-High Power Spot Cure System

  • Ultra-High Power UV LED output

  • Virtually no output heat

  • LED output substantially safer than traditional halogen guns

  • Automatic timed curing cycle

  • Large 12mm diameter stainless steel curing probe

  • Automatic "hands-free" infrared sensor activation

  • Clear audible signal at start and end of cycle

  • Optional 405nm and 460nm curing heads

  • Can operate continuously for heavy duty applications


SpotCure-B6 Ultra-High Power  LED Cure System
You may want to put all of your halogen UV cure guns in the closet! This system cures deeper and faster with virtually no heat output compared to halogen guns. And when you consider how much less power is required to operate this unit, and the fact that LEDs  last for thousands of hours compared to a halogen lamp, you're going to save a lot of money by switching over.

Is the generated heat from your traditional UV cure system a problem? Many times, a process is hampered by how much heat is transferred to the device under cure with high-power cure systems. With UV LED technology, virtually no heat is transferred to the device being cured - or to the operator!

SpotCure-B6 is designed with operator convenience in mind. The unit turns ON automatically 1.5 seconds after it is removed from the base unit, and remains on until the selected time has elapsed. An audible signal alerts the operator when time has expired. SpotCure-B6 can also be operated by a remote footswitch (not included). Times are easily selectable in 10 second increments up to 60 seconds.

You have a choice of three output wavelengths, depending on application. For the hearing aid industry the 365nm is the standard lower end UV.
If you are using Loctite 4304 or 4305 adhesives, the 405nm upper-end UV head will cure these products extremely quickly with no tackiness or residue.
A 470nm Visible output head is also available.

Your choice of 365nm, 405nm, or 470nm cure head!

Peak Wavelength: Optical Power Output:
365nm: 1 W/cm2
405nm: 1.2 W/cm2
460nm: 1.5 W / cm2