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The SpotCure-H has been Discontinued

The most powerful Spot Cure solution
cures both UV and Visible at an affordable price!



SpotCure-H UV and Visible Spot Cure Gun

  • Enhanced UV lamp produces 100% more UV intensity

  • Halogen UVA & UVB UV spot curing

  • Continuously variable timing cycle from 1-60 seconds

  • Double IR filter prevents excess heat emission

  • Wide output spectrum cures most UV materials quickly

  • Automatic timing shuts units off after cycle duration

  • Clear audible signal at start and end of cycle

  • Switch selectable input power of 115V or 230V

  • Can operate continuously for heavy duty applications

  • Approximate lamp life: 7,200 - 20 sec cycles


SpotCure-H Spot Cure Gun
This traditional halogen UV spot cure gun provides such a wide emission spectrum it cures materials at both UV and Visible wavelengths, making this the most versatile gun on the market. And with output power at 200mw/cm2 it has twice the power of other spot cure devices without exerting much output heat - very important when curing heat sensitive materials.  SpotCure-H includes a timer which can be set from 1-60 seconds, and a convenient one-touch button for even more control. And to make it even more versatile, SpotCure-H has a transformer switch so it can be powered by 115V or 230V.

So how does this unit achieve such a powerful output when others can't? And how can it be done without giving off excessive heat? As an integral part of the optical design, both IR absorbing glass and an IR reflecting "hot mirror" are used to effectively reduce the output heat to negligible levels. In fact, the internal heat is recycled back to the lamp to help it generate even more output power.