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UV LED Spot Cure System


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Spotty-B Basic System
This is likely the least expensive, most versatile spot cure unit you'll find. Spotty is a hand-held UV LED spot cure system designed for any application that needs fast curing of lacquer coatings or UV adhesives. Great for hard coat build-up or modifications to hearing aids. And so easy to use - simply plug in Spotty, plug in the desired cure head, and its ready to go. The standard Spotty-B system includes hand piece, UV cure head 395nm, and wall transformer. Other plug-in heads of various output wavelengths are available, including a bright white head for inspection.
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Spotty-P Portable System  
OK, we know this happens because we've been there. You need to take your UV cure unit on the road so you put it in a cardboard box, toss in some UV material and whatever small hand tools you think you may need, and throw the box on the back seat of your car. You get to your location and rummage through the box, looking for the tools you need - and a place to plug in your curing device.

Now this is a convenience! A completely portable UV cure system with a hard shell carrying case with room for everything you need on the road. Includes Spotty with Wall Transformer, UV Cure Head, Inspection head, Battery Pack, UV safety glasses and hard shell carrying case. Look professional - be professional.

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Do you need a battery operated
spot cure system?

Spotty can be used with the optional Battery Pack which runs on a standard 9Volt battery and will provide many days of cure time. The Battery Pack has feet to sit on a table as shown, or is small enough to put in your pocket for convenience.
(9 volt battery not included)