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Hearing Aid Vacuum / Cleaners
For Powerful Hearing Aid Cleaning

Our hearing aid vacuum and hearing aid cleaners are specifically designed for the hearing aid industry to remove damaging ear wax and debris from hearing instruments. Symptoms of wax build-up include no sound, weak sound, distortion, intermittency, and cutting out. Many of these hearing aids can be restored to specifications by simply removing the wax  from the sound outlet port utilizing a strong vacuum or suction. Our hearing aid vacuums have been developed by industry professionals who understand what is needed to perform this type of repair and maintenance, and we keep hearing it over and over again - our systems are the best.

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VAC-3 hearing aid vcuum pump VAC-3 Professional Vacuum Pump System
The VAC-3 hearing aid cleaning system uses a propietary dual head vacuum pump to generate more power and flow in a stylish package. Includes a blower port and can be confgured with your choice of vacuum desiccator for fast hearing aid drying, as well as aspirator for cleaning ears.
VAC-1 Hearing Aid Vacuum Pump
VAC-1 Professional Vacuum Pump System
The VAC-1 has been discontinued.
Parts, options and accessories can still be ordered form this page. The 220V 50 Hz VAC-1E is still available and can be ordered here: VAC-1E

Lightning Vac 2 Hearing Aid Vacuum Pump
Lightning Vac 2 Hearing Aid Cleaning System with Blower
An economical hearing aid vacuum unit for the professional who needs a compact system with big performance. Lightning Vac 2 includes a blower port and NP-1 Professional Needle Pack for cleaning any type of opening.


Lightning Vac Traveler Portable Hearing Aid Cleaner
Lightning Vac Traveler  Portable System
Take your hearing aid vacuum pump system on the road without all the hassle. Everything you need for extracting wax and debris from hearing  instruments as well as vacuum jar desiccator for drying is included. Custom carrying case makes traveling a breeze.
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My Vac Personal Hearing Aid Cleaner
My Vac is an excellent cleaning tool designed for the consumer. Don't let the small size fool you - My Vac is plenty powerful enough for personal hearing aid maintenance, and the perfect promotional tool for your next open house.
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VAC-1B Basic Vacuum Pump
VAC-1B has been discontinued


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Suction System Parts & Accessories
Parts and accessories for your hearing aid vacuum and cleaner systems. From filters to hand wands,  needle tips to vacuum tubing, keep your systems running at peak efficiency by having necessary parts on hand.