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Battery Operated UV Spot Cure System
(Replaces TransCure-C)

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TransCure-C battery operated spot cure system

SpotCure-C Battery Operated Spot Cure Unit
SpotCure-C is a battery operated spot cure utilizing LED technology. SpotCure-C utilizes a rechargable battery that simply plugs into the end of the curing handpeice. Power is applied by simply touching the battery. Power remains ON until the battery is touched again. SpotCure-C includes curing handpeice in either 395nm UV or 470nm Visible wavelength, rechargeable battery pack, and battery charger. SpotCure-C cures exceptionally well with a wide range of materials.

About SpotCure-C rechargeable battery pack:
The SpotCure-C system includes one battery pack with charger. For most applications, that is all you will likely need as SpotCure-C will last days without need for charging the battery, and gives plenty of warning with LEDs on the back of the battery when charging is needed. However, if you use SpotCure-C heavily you might consider keeping a second battery pack handy. Spare battery packs may be ordered below.



A note about wavelength: The wavelenth is where the light emitted by the curing device peaks in the light spectrum, and is important when considering which model to use. This will depend largely on the materials or adhesive being cured. Typically, the hearing aid industry uses the UV spectrum and the dental industry uses the Visible spectrum. Check your UV material to see which wavelength to consider when curing. NOTE: SpotCure LED systems are rated at 395nm peak wavelength, but will cure many materials to 365nm.

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