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Hearing Aid UV Cure Equipment
Hearing Aid Modification Made Fast & Easy

Equipment designed for hearing aid UV light cure makes a fast and easy task of what used to be a time consuming chore. UV materials cure in a matter of seconds meaning less time for you in the lab, and less waiting time for your clients. Whether its a crack in the shell, bonding a shell to a faceplate, a flex build-up, or making shells our dependable curing units are an excellent choice for the hearing aid clinic, repair lab, and manufacturer.

Note: Replacement parts, including UV Lamps, may be found on individual product pages.
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UV Protective Eyewear:

UV Protective Eyewear / safety glasses UV Protective Eye Wear
Don't trust your UV eye protection to anything but the best! Optilux eye wear is certified to completely protect your eyes from UV light waves by evenly dispersing optical filters throughout the lens. Three styles to choose from.

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UV Lamps / Accessories:
   UV lamps and accessories to keep your equipment working at peak performance.
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UV Splash Cure Products:

UV9W-2 UV Cure System UV9W-2 UV Cure Unit
"The Cadillac" of bench-top curing models, the UV9W-2 touts a handsome brushed stainless steel exterior while utilizing a beautiful mirror finish interior for maximum light reflectivity.

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Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit
At last, an economical curing device. The Dual-Lite offers the same rugged features as its "Big Brother" UV9W-2 except in an affordable plastic casing. Replaceable mirror interior.

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BondWand UV Cure System
BondWand  UV Cure Unit
With its efficient contoured design, the BONDWand is an excellent choice for hearing aid modification and repair. A powerful 2 lamp system,  BONDWand includes an integrated timer, swivel table mount, and side shields for added viewing protection.

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UV Turning Units:
Lite-Isserie UV Turning Unit Lite-Isserie  UV Turning Unit
Our Lite-Isserie Turning Unit allows you to hold a unit under curing lamps while turning to allow an even cure. Designed for use with 2 lamp systems, but will work with any open lamp design.

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Curing Chambers:

ELC-500 UV Cure Chamber
ELC-500 UV Curing Chamber
A great unit for shell fabrication, the ELC-500 Curing Chamber uses an array of powerful UV lamps, internal reflectors, and turning table to disperse light waves for an even cure. Includes easy to use digital timer and viewing window.

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UV Spot Cure Products - Halogen:

  Due to the overwhelming demand for UV LED type cure units, all halogen units have been dscontinued.




UV Spot Cure Products - LED:

LED-200 Mega-High power UV LED Unit LED 200 Mega-High Power UV LED Spot Cure Gun
2.5 Watt/cm2 @ 365nm !!!.
The same unit as the LED-100, except 2 1/2 times the power! Convenient battery powered design with 50,000 hours of LED life. Includes battery and charges

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SpotCure-G UV LED Cure Unit SpotCure-G Battery Operated High Power UV LED Spot Cure Gun
Designed for operator convenience, this unit deliveres battery operated  high power UV output in a choice of 365nm, 405nm or 460nm.
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SpotCure-B6 Ultra-High Power UV LED Spot Cure System SpotCure-B High Power LED Spot Cure Unit
Throw away your halogen guns - you are not going to want them any more! SpotCure-B6 cures faster and deeper than traditional guns, and where LEDs last thousands of hours compared to halogen lamps, you are going to save lots of money. Selectable timer, "hands-free" activation - lots of features.

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Spotty UV LED Cure System Spotty UV LED Spot Cure Unit
The most inexpensive spot cure unit out there, Spotty utilizes highly efficient UV LEDs for zero output heat and long life. And don't let the small size fool you, this unit can cure standard hard lacquers and shell / patching material in 15 seconds. Versatile interchangeable Head system allows curing at different wavelengths by plugging in various Heads.

Spotty-B is a basic system with handpiece, UV Cure Head, and Wall Transformer
Spotty-P is a portable system with safety glasses, battery pack, and carrying case



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