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Hearing Aid Vacuum Pump System

Designed for professional repair and maintenance

The VAC-1 has been discontinued

But we have a great replacement with the same power and performance you would expect:

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Parts and options for the VAC-1 are still available and can be ordered below


Designed for the hearing aid industry to extract damaging wax and debris from hearing instruments, VAC-1 professional hearing aid vacuum pump is an essential servicing tool for the hearing health clinic and repair lab. This is the most durable and dependable vacuum pump in the industry, as well as the most powerful. It is no secret, accumulated ear wax in the sound outlet port is by far the most common cause of hearing instrument failure. Many of these units can be quickly and easily repaired by simply removing the debris with this powerful vacuum pump.VAC-1 may also be configured with several convenient options to accommodate a variety of professional needs: VAC-1D Desiccator Option for fast drying and dehumidifying hearing aids, VAC-1A Aspirator Option for cleaning ears, and
VAC-1C Compressor Option for blowing air.

VAC-1 Operation Manuel

Note: For international voltage 230V/50Hz see Model VAC-3: 
 VAC-3 Hearing Aid Vacuum Pump - Cleaner


- Medical grade compressor Power Requirements:
- Slip-Luer Filter with 5 convenient tip sizes - VAC-1:   115V AC   60Hz  4.2 Amps
- 3 year warranty Vacuum Capacity: 25"Hg
Options: (see below) Flow: 1.1CFM
- Carry Handle for portability Dimensions: 10.5"L x 5"W x 10.25"H
- Vacuum Desiccator Option for dehumidification Weight: 15 lbs    (Ship weight: 20 lbs)
- Aspirator Option: For cleaning ears (ENT)
- Compressor Option: For blowing air

VAC-1 has been discontinued. Parts and accessories can still be ordered below

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To purchase for the VAC-1 options, go to option page from links below:

VAC-1 Options:

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VAC-1D Desiccator Option
Rid condensation and  moisture in hearing aids quickly and easily with this full size lab quality desiccator chamber. The VAC-1D attaches in seconds to the VAC-1 vacuum pump, and can be stored when not in use.

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VAC-1A Aspirator Option
Designed for ENT use and cleaning ears, the VAC-1A Aspirator Option utilizes an autoclavable collection bottle to trap cerumen. Shown with VAC-1 Professional Suction System. (Shown with VAC-1 Professional Suction System and optional VAC-1H Carry Handle).

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VAC-1C Compressor Option
The VAC-1C Compressor Option comprises of an additional tubing attached to the output of the compressor to provide blown air. Use to clean off aids or to clear needle obstructions. 5' Tubing includes a luer adapter for attaching needle tips. Tubing can be cut to length for convenience. (Shown with VAC-1 Professional Suction System and optional VAC-1H Carry Handle).

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Parts & Accessories
Parts and accessories for your vacuum pump / suction systems. From filters to hand wands,  needle tips to vacuum tubing, keep your systems running at peak efficiency by having necessary parts on hand.

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