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Mini-Desiccator Option for VAC-1

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Smaller than a full-size desiccator, the VAC-1DM Mini-Desiccator Option is an additional feature designed to extract humidity and moisture from hearing instruments. Moisture that has accumulated inside a hearing instrument can cause intermittent and "cutting out" problems which can be eliminated by putting the unit inside a desiccator chamber and drawing out the moisture using vacuum. The VAC-1DM can be added to any vacuum pump / suction system.



VAC-1DM Price: $65.00


- Mini Desiccator Chamber - Chamber Diameter 4"
- Simultaneous Hand Wand operation - Chamber Height 3"
- Includes 5' Premium Vinyl Tubing - Overall Diameter 6.5"
- 90 day warranty - Overall Height 5.25"
  - Weight 1 lb
  - Rated Vacuum Capacity: 30" hg