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Aspirator Option for VAC-3


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VAC-3A Aspirator OptionThe VAC-3A Aspirator Option is an accessory that can be added to the VAC-3 vacuum pump , or used as a stand alone unit with any suction system. Developed for the hearing aid industry, the VAC-3A is intended for ENT use only, for extracting ear wax and other debris from the ear canal. The VAC-3A includes a Neoprene collection bottle with base, tubing and stainless steel size 8F suction tube/tool. This system may also be configured to extract debris from hearing instruments







- Neoprene Collection Bottle - Collection Bottle with base: 5.25" x 5"
- Includes Size 8F suction tube/tool - Hieght: 8.25"
- Includes 5' Premium vinyl Tubing - Weight 1 lb
- 90 day warranty - Max. Vacuum Rating 30" Hg