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Desiccator Option for VAC-3

VAC-3D Vacuum Desiccator ChamberThe VAC-3D Desiccator Option is an additional feature for our VAC-3 system, designed to extract humidity and moisture from hearing instruments. Moisture that has accumulated inside  hearing instruments can cause intermittent and "cutting out" problems which can be eliminated by putting the unit inside a desiccator chamber and drawing out the moisture using a vacuum pump system.

The VAC-3D desiccator option will hold vacuum up to 30"Hg while the pump is running.


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VAC-3D Price:


- Laboratory Quality Desiccator Chamber - Dimensions 6" x 6"
- Holds vacuum while pump is on - Height 3"
- Easily connects to vacuum pump with Slip-Luer Fitting - Weight 1 lb
- 90 day warranty - Max Vacuum Rating 30" Hg

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