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Workstations / Repair Labs
Designed For Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

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One of our goals is to provide the Hearing Aid Industry with quality products and equipment designed to assist in hearing instrument repair and maintenance. To perform this task you must have a work area built for the job. These professional workstations and repair labs utilize space effectively and include all the equipment you need to repair and maintain hearing instruments. Don't waste your valuable time - get the tools and the work area you need to do the job efficiently.

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Audio Repair Workstation
With its powder white steel construction and extra-wide benchtop, the Audio Repair Workstation gives you plenty of room to operate. This unit includes a Red Wing motor with 2 splash hoods as standard equipment as well as our VAC-1B suction System, CM-3Control Module, Dual-Lite UV Cure Unit, and a dust collector system.



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Workstation Kits - Build Your Own Lab
You supply the bench - we supply the equipment. Transform any existing bench or table into a powerful workstation. Several kits to choose from, depending on equipment needs.



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Redwing Lathe - Grinding & Polishing Kit
Includes 26A Redwing Lathe and an assortment of drills, bits, burrs, buffing wheels, and safety gear. Redwing Lathe Kit is included with our workstations, or may be purchased separately.